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Why Clients Choose Us

Symphony Financial Services, Inc. is an Akron based, independent team of disciplined investment professionals offering multi-dimensional wealth management. We serve a select group of individuals, families, business owners and institutions both locally and around the country.  By seeking a deeper understanding of our clients, we strive to meet and exceed their every need. Our vast capabilities and team approach allow us to be a single point of contact that provides sound advice and professional strategies.  Our institutional quality investment solutions allow our clients, both individual and corporate, to have a customized investment portfolio.  From top to bottom, Symphony Financial Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing a fully transparent relationship that is proactive in meeting any client need.
Consultative Approach
Vast Capabilities

Thoughtful and thorough discovery helps us understand what is truly important to each client


A tailored plan is developed that details our clients’ current situation along with a clear, understandable plan of action


Involved in all aspects of the wealth planning process, we facilitate  collaboration with other professionals and serve as a single point of contact 

Teamwork and specialization allows us to leverage expertise and experience to bring true perspective to our advice and professional strategies


Knowledge, a team approach, and experience allows us to innovate and provide meaningful perspective


An established investment approach combined with institutional-quality investment solutions allows for portfolios customized to each client

Potential Benefit:  Clients feel the confidence that comes from a plan that is organized, simplified, and monitored

Potential Benefit:  Clients feel the passionate care and ease of knowing they have a centralized source of trusted advice

Commitment to Relationships

A passionate and relentless commitment to the highest levels of accessibility, responsiveness and follow-through


Ongoing communication and monitoring helps us focus on educating clients on their progress as well as forward-looking issues


Transparency and always putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes creates comfort and trust

Potential Benefit:  Clients experience the peace of mind that comes from a long-term relationship.

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